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A backstop is commonly used in sports such as baseball, basketball, and softball grounds. Its main usage is to protect the viewers from those balls flying in the air by stopping it to enter the stands.

The common material for backstop fencing is chain links and is usually built very tall. The top part of these fences is curved towards the inside of the playing area. This curved structure of the backstop fences helps a lot in stopping the balls from entering the stands.

Here is the list of the dimensions that we commonly use in our backstop installations:

Made in such a way that it can add a layer of containment to the thrown pitched and batted balls.

  • Protective Fencing for the Player Bench

Size of the chain link fence: 50mm
Height of the fence: 2.44m
This fencing makes a protective layer to the frontal side of the on-grade player bench and the dugouts.

  • Protective Fence for The Spectators

Fence Height: 2.4m
Size of the chain link fence: 50mm
It is made such that it can protect the spectators at the highest point of the bleachers to view the whole game.

  • Outfield Fence

Size of chain link fence: 50mm
Height: approximately 2.4m (height can be adjusted to protect objects and people outside the fenced area, it can be increased accordingly).
Ground Clearance: 25.4mm.

  • Other Fencing Materials Required

Rails, braces, and posts for chain link fences.

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