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There are a variety of ways where you can use cages and enclosures. These types of materials are sometimes being commonly used in construction to put added protection, especially to the passersby.

Here at Cheyenne Fence Company, our cages and enclosures come in different varieties such as tool cages, batting cages, dog cages, pet safety cages, equipment cages, locker cages, and many more. All of our cage types are unique in both its design and functionality.

Each of these types of cages and enclosures provides the finest type of protection to its users.

Commonly, cages are used in places like commercial buildings. It is used to provide safety and protection to any kind of trespassing or theft.

In addition, safety enclosures are a netted structure that goes all around a trampoline. These enclosures protect children or any other users from falling.

Here is a brief breakdown of the different usage of cages and enclosures:

Tool Cages and Equipment Cages
This type is being used to keep commercial building tools. Since there are so many tools used to make commercial buildings, keeping all of it together is somehow difficult. This is where the usage of tool cages come in handy.

Safety Enclosure
The safety enclosure is used around the trampoline in order to protect the people. It prevents falling off and keeps the people inside the safe zone.

Batting Cages
For games such as baseball or softball, batting cages are usually used. Batting cages are generally used in the practice sessions so that the ball does not go anywhere.

Dog Cages and Dog Kennel Cages:
Dog cages and dog kennel cages are designed to keep dogs protected. It also prevents abduction and provides solid protection to your pets. We also have other pet cages that you can use.

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